The ONB Labs open digital collections and metadata to promote and inspire active experimentation, artistic and creative work.

The images, text and metadata you can find here are fully open for you to do whatever you like and the matching tools will support your engagement. The ONB Labs are a flexible service, which we will continuously revise and extend.

These are some sketches to show you how our tools and data sets can be used:

Use Python & ML to

Colorize Historical Postcards

Use pretrained models and train your own

A retrospective of the

ONB Labs Symposium 2021

Program summary and speakers' presentations inside

ONB Labs proudly present the

Digital Pasetti Map

We have digitally stitched together the historical map of the Danube

Photo: Austrian National Library

See the results of the Web Residency

In our Artspace

The project "Cryptographics" is now available in our new Artspace

Locate and Enrich Travelogues


Historical Travelogues in Our Archives

Exploring dramatic networks

Using Metadata

Analysis of Drama Corpus Between 1600-1815

View synthetic postcards generated by


Gene Kogan and Sofia Crespo Trained a Neural Network With Our Postcards Data

Listen to measurment tables

Winner of the ONB Labs Challenge 2019

Measurements are Artificial Perception

Learn more about GLAM Labs

ONB Labs co-authored a book

Open a GLAM Lab

ONB Labs support your project

Do you need help?

Bring Your Project

To glean what you missed

ONB Labs Symposium 2019

Download Presentations

Photo: Austrian National Library

Use Python and Plotly to

Explore Financial News

Explore the History of Financial News

Photo: Monika Kovarova-Simecek

Use Python and IIIF to

Analyse Colors

Colors of Historical Postcards

Use Metadata to

Create an AV-Performance

Audiovisual Performance "Into Our Sun"

Use Metadata Filters to

Search for Sceneries

Scenery in Postcards

Use Python to

Analyse Historical Newspapers

Languages in Our Historical Newspapers

Use an Image Cropper to

Chop Up Christoph Steiner's Ties

Christoph Steiner's Ties

Photo: Austrian National Library