Bring Your Project

Bring your Project was a service provided by ONB Labs and ran over the period of one and a half years (until August 2020). It offered users' of ONB Labs data or services who lacked the technological know-how required to complete their projects use of the ONB Labs developer, in order to solve the challenges of a project together. The service was free of charge, the only requirement for participants was the willingness to work through the technical solutions alongside the ONB Labs developer in order to facilitate knowledge transfer. We thank all users that took advantage of this service.

ONB Labs software developer Philip Röggla, who was in charge of the project in 2020, gives an overview of the initiative and his work:

Over the duration of 'Bring your Project', we supported 12 projects. Whilst many of these weren’t finished during this period - due to factors such as Covid-19 - several will certainly be published in the future. Most of the supported projects had a focus on TIR and OCR.
The content of the projects was diverse, including sentiment analysis of german drama of the 17th and 18th century, the dissemination of viral topics during modernity or the relation of emotion and rationality in 19th century pedagogy, as well as the usage of data in seminars or the exploration of visualisation methods of multidimensional data. All of the projects stem from academic work ranging from master theses to international research projects. The interest in the service and the interaction with our users proved that there is a need for technological/librarian support in the field of digital humanities.



Alma Data Extractor

Tool to extract metadata from the ALMA catalogue and fruther processing via spreadsheet software

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Download From Collection Scripts

Script to download images and OCR fulltext from a IIIF collection

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Bring your Project was funded by CLARIAH-AT