Terms of Service for Bring Your Project

The Service Bring Your Project provided by the ONB Labs is the possibility to get support for your project, which should be related to software and/or data science. Entitled to use the service are natural persons who have completed their 18th year of age. Applying for the ONB Labs Service Bring Your Project is possible by sending an e-Mail to labs 'at' onb 'dot' ac 'dot' at exclusively. The number of applications per user is not limited.

Restrictions to the Service

An application for the service is possible at any given time, but the Austrian National Library reserves the right to end the service Bring Your Project at any given moment. Using the service is free of charge. Users are not entitled to the service. Project partners are chosen by the fact, whether the project can be done with the time resources of the ONB Labs team. Making use of the data and/or tools provided by the ONB Labs is a requirement for implementing your project.

Copyright and Rights of Use

The copyright of the project belongs to you as the natural person, who makes use of the service Bring Your Project and possess the Rights of Use for publishing. You are explicitly consenting to publish all technical solutions worked on together with the ONB Labs team under a MIT license. An MIT license includes among other aspects the right to copy, change, publish, distribute and publish copies of the software, while providing no warranty of any kind and in no event the authors or copyright holders are liable for any claim or damages. In the case of Third Parties asserting claims against the Austrian National Library based on a violation of their rights, you are to indemnify and hold harmless the Austrian National Library.

Data Privacy

You consent to the usage of your e-mail-address for the exchange of information regarding the service Bring Your Project. Your e-mail-address will be kept in confidence and is given to Third Parties only with your explicit content. You consent to a publication of your full name together with a text formulated by you in case of the implementation of their project, which may be subject to a decision by the ONB Labs team. Furthermore you consent to the publication of a description of your project on the ONB Labs Website. This consent can be revoked by you at any given time by e-mail to labs 'at' onb 'dot' ac 'dot' at.