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# Linked Open Data
The following Jupyter Notebooks showcase some of our work with Linked Open Data.
## [Viewer Links from BIBFRAME](ViewerlinksFromBibframe.ipynb)
Downloading data from the library services platform
[Alma]( and loading the results into a [pandas](
dataframe, we create an [xlsx file](ABOExamplesFromALMAextended.xlsx) with the catalogue metadata. Further we add links
to the digital object and the barcodes of the physical objects to the file.
## [Viewer Links from BIBFRAME with SRU](ViewerlinksFromBibframeWithSRU.ipynb)
Very similar to the above, but this time we make an SRU-Query in Alma.
## [Travelogues](Travelogues.ipynb)
Working together with other institutions on the [Travelogues Project](, we needed
to extrect specific metadata from Alma, both catalogue data and LOD data.
## [SACHA Statistik Collection](SACHA Statistik Collection.ipynb)
Using [SPARQL]( and pandas we extract datasets with
a specific subject heading. Making use of [SACHA]( we then create a collection of the data we
## [OAI-PMH](OAI-PMH.ipynb)
We show how to use [Sickle]( to first list all available sets and then count
the number of entries in one specific set.
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